5 Acts of kindness

Ahmed muneer
3 min readJul 23, 2020


Tree planting

I started planting for the purpose So that the next generation will grow in a healthier environment. As I started planting trees I have to purchase the plants and equipment myself and believe me I have no experience in gardening it is a pretty hard job I read about it and figure out how and which equipment is used for what and which plant is better and evergreen I decided to plant Neem trees I planted 70–80 neem trees. and after seeing me people start planting trees as well.

Volunteer for teach poor children

After completing my intermediate I decided to do something as there is plenty of time. So I decided to teach the children of the maid working in my home I decided to do that because I believe I can help them learn some communication skills and soft skills as they are not familiar with the computer I help them learn those skills but I wish I could continue teaching them but I have to continue my studies so I won’t be able to do so .

Donation of outfits

There is an uncle who used to work in our neighbors as a driver I use to buy some outfits for them every year or any outfit which I purchased or never used I donate these outfits to them and he pretty much like it. He treats me like his son and He is christened. And I respect him as I do respect my elders.

I use to cook food and wash dishes

I know it sounds a little weird. I use to wash dishes and cook food in this Ramadan for a couple of days when the maid is on leave mother and sisters are not feeling good I decided to take the responsibility. It was a disaster initially. I mess around with stuff because I don’t know how to cook food wash dishes but in a few days. I have learned how to make chapati although it won’t look as good as mother used to make it is edible.
I don’t know about others but it is edible for me at least. I use to give a foot massage to my mother and I have learned how to cook chicken karahi from the internet. It was all together with a great experience.

Job hunting for friend

A friend of mine is financially upset. I approach him to know as he was not telling me about the reason why he is upset finally after a long discussion he reviled that he is upset due to his financial condition
I know he is currently studying and he needs some financial help continuously. I am equally upset to see his situation but I am also studying so I can’t help him continuously so I decided to talk to a friend who is working in a call center and in a good position. after having a conversation he promises me that he is going to refer my friend so that he can easily be selected and he is willing to assist him as well. So that he will start earning as soon as possible. He gets selected and helping himself financially now. I am happy to see him financially supporting himself.