Ahmed muneer
Oct 29, 2020

It’s all about Amal.

I want to share my experience at Amal. When I was capturing this picture at the end of this fellowship, I won’t explain how much I will miss this fellowship. The team leads are superb, the fellow I meet is way friendly and helpful than I thought because of all of you. The journey is unique, and small acts of kindness and moment of joy made this special for everyone and each one of us. Let’s jump on the point first. Through the journey, I have learned life-long learning and communication skills that I feel are the leading skills I learned. There is much more to share; we learned how to respect each other and respect others’ opinions. Some of us showed their singing skills and drawing skills in the break, which was a fun activity. We did a couple of activities when I reflected that I observed part of a life long learning; we learned how to accept our failures and weaknesses and showed positive gesture and growth attitude and much more. The only thing I would love to say is I am happy I took that decision, and it happens, and I want to add something try to take the initiative, and the rest will happen in your favor if not least you learn.