Visualizing My Experience

Ahmed muneer
Oct 17, 2020

When I was writing this I kinda remember two moments if I say dozens of moments that won’t be wrong Mam Nimra and Sir Hamza helped us through the journey and makes the journey special we tried two weird but beautiful stuff like taking selfies with our drinks on the very next day of the session. I remember how they develop harmony and teamwork a true spirit of 1 or 1 =11.

The challenge they gave us to check our problem-solving skills and teamwork which is again a fun activity and everyone did pretty well they let us know how you can practically do stuff and they showed us how to show gratification to others and yourself even if you won’t achieve it at least you try doing it which again is a very new thing for me.

And There was another activity in which we have to display Amal values to showcase our artistic skills I love that activity we tried twice but it won’t work but through teamwork, Kam Kam Kam will enable us to achieve some of our targets on time. We learned the importance of Amal values

Also, we see how Edhi Sahab implemented these values in his life. As I started learning more about Edhi Shab I learned how to implement these values in life, He is a role model for our generation and his story inspired us a lot.